A Good Brand Name

Picking up a name that defines your core value or portrays the image you want to put forth is a good move.

Branding Names logo in color
Branding Names logo in color
Choose a comforting or familiar name that conjures up pleasant memories so customers respond to yourbusiness on an emotional level. Don't pick a namethat is long or confusing. Stay away from cute puns that only you understand. by
A research showed that if customers feel that the brand name is easy and a good fit, they'll remember it better and even like it more. The brand gets an advantage of word of mouth marketing. However brands with a big or complex name also have their perks.

The Brand Name Types

Family Names

H. J. Heinz Company / Ford Motor Company / Colgate




Flickr / Tumblr / UNKNWN

Mythical Names

Nike / Pandora / Hermès

Compound Words

Facebook / Snapchat / BlackBerry

Real Words

Apple / Caterpillar / Staples

Constructed Words

Instagram / Microsoft / Aeroplan

Truncated Words

FedEx / MetLife / Cisco

Invented Words

Accenture / Dasani / Viagra


Flickr / Tumblr / UNKNWN


Onesies / Spotify / Pampers


World of Woolcraft  / Tequila Mockingbird
brand name selection

Pick your focus & personality

Selecting a brand name. One of the key decisions when bringing a new product to market, particularly if it is going to be under the umbrella of a new brand, is the brand name selection. ... The first approach is to have a brand name that is somehow reflective of the benefits or unique features of the product.

Features of a Good Brand Name

A good brand name should have following characteristics:



distinctive (Kodak, Mustang)


It should be extendable

Easy to pronounce

easy to identified and memorized.

Give an idea about

product, quality (Swift, Quickfix)


easily into foreign languages

Capable of legal

capable of legal protection


suggest a category (Newsweek)


indicate concrete qualities (Firebird)

Starting a new business takes energy, passion and courage. You’ve written your business plan, or at least the one page version of the Business Canvas, you’ve talked to some potential clients and other small business owners in a similar field and you’re ready to go for it. The only thing missing? A name.

The secret to a winning advertising campaign often lies with a great name & slogan

Brand name is one of the brand elements which helps the customers to identify and differentiate one product from another. It should be chosen very carefully as it captures the key theme of a product in an efficient and economical manner. It can easily be noticed and its meaning can be stored and triggered in the memory instantly. Choice of a brand name requires a lot of research. Brand names are not necessarily associated with the product. For instance, brand names can be based on places (Air India, British Airways), animals or birds (Dove soap, Puma), people (Louise Phillips, Allen Solly). In some instances, the company name is used for all products (LG).

We're going to give you some ideas on how to name your small business by looking at some of the most well-known brands from around the world.

How to select a brand name?


Try using the first letter of every word in a phrase or parts of words or names. Some real world examples are AOL (America Online), BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and BENQ (Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to life).

3Get inspiration from mythology and literature
4Use foreign words
5Use your own name
6Take a look at a map
7Mix things up
8Partner with another company
9Use nicknames
10Use a symbol
11Make it descriptive

If you think of your business, what is the one word, or pair of words that could describe what the business does best? Now write all your options on a piece of paper and visualize your new logo or a banner with your new name on it. An example of a brand using this technique is the supermarket chain 7-Eleven, where the name tells you straight away what’s special about this business: it’s open from seven in the morning to eleven at the night, every day.

12 Use Latin
13Look at your product from another angle
15Make a grammar mistake on purpose
16Invent an alternative spelling
17Tell your story
18Talk about what you believe in
19Remove or add an extra letter
20Pick a word from the dictionary

A good business name can make your customers remember you easily, it could mean free publicity or it could help you and your future employees to remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. There are specialized naming companies that charge thousands of dollars for finding a name that’s new, trendy, industry-wise, memorable and isn’t trademarked. However, if you are starting a small business, you might have other priorities and a budget that doesn’t allow you to spend that money on a name.

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